Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

Ten Years of LiveJournal

Today marks 10 years of journaling on LiveJournal for me. I've made good friends, seen them float in and out of my life, and archived most of the best things I've ever done on this blog. It's changed dramatically since I first started (and had no idea what to write), and it's been important to a lot of the people (and organizations) that are important to me.

Rather than wax poetic about where the journal has been, I'd really just like to thank the folk who have read it for so long, and to thank those who hung out with me in the beginning as I learned a lot about this whole "online journaling" thing. I still read my friend's page, even though I do it less daily and more weekly (or bi-weekly) these days. I still read everything that gets posted. It's fun, and it's good for me.

LJ was my first introduction to truly public blogging, to being out there and expressing myself. It's where I'll always feel at home online, even as I do more and more things on my various other online presences. You guys made that happen, and I thank you all for it.
Tags: adf, friends, lj

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