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Okay. Everyone was curious as to why I was asking for measurements and such.

The purpose was really multi-layered. (Again, feel free to believe or disbelieve each layer of this.)

1) I was sitting in class that day (Wed., I think), and next to me were two very hot chics. I was trying to describe to myself what the quality I was attracted to was, beacuse both of them had it, but both had it different. The only adjective I could think of was "tight".

Now, this got me thinking about the different people and body-types I find attractive. And, seriously, I started wondering if there was a height/weight ratio that I was subliminally attracted to, or if there was some magical measurement formula that was good for me.

Now, I have some tact. Honest. And I decided, in light of my "tactfulness", that I wouldn't ask these two complete strangers what their measurements were, but would instead ask the women I know, and try to figure it out.

Well, it turns out that there's no magical mathematical pattern I can see.

2) Also, I'm working out what to get Tina for Christmas, and if it ends up being clothes, I have no idea how to really shop for her. I know her measurements, but not much else. Someone astutely pointed out that I could just open her closet and look in, to which I replied, "What's the fun in that?" I have a better idea now of what sizes I should look at, but I admit that I cheated and went the no fun route, too.

3) My curiosity will kill me one day, and I just wanted to be a step closer by asking for weight on my female friends.

4) I was thinking about buying all my female friends underwear for Christmas.

5) I'm really just a perv.

Those are five reasons. I'm wondering how many of them are believable. . .

Feel free to call shenanigans and tell me that I'm still hiding the *real* reason.
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