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What a weekend.

I had some great Chinese food, saw Carmen (the opera by Bizet), did a *lot* of book shopping (over $120 at Half Price Books), got to seriously sleep in on Sunday, got to hang out and watch the Michigan game on Saturday, watched The Two Towers for the hell of it, watched the relevant parts of Sinbad (you know, the ones with Eris in them), slept in my bed two nights in a row (you'd be shocked at how rare that is), and saw Master and Commander: Far Side of the World.

The superlative cat got spayed, someone might be coming to take a look at her and hopefully take her home, and I paid for all her medical bills ($304.50). I'm hoping to get paid back by the previous owner, but at the moment I consider the money lost.

Supposedly, the PSA has funds now. Whatever. I worked up some ammendments to the PSA constitution that explicitly state how the funds are to be handled, and that eliminates corruption in any case. Unless the Co-Chairs and the Treasurer have a menage a trios. Somehow, I don't see those three going at it anytime soon. I might have been over-strict, but the funds should not and cannot be used frivolously.

I prohibited debit and cash transactions in the thing, too.

I'm also working on getting a description of why I like certain songs onto my Webpage.
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