Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

The Power of the Winds

So, we had a couple of people in the shop, and a lovely young lady comes in. I saw her walking around the corner and looking up at the shop, and she comes in. And we greet her in the usual way we do, "Hi, welcome, let us know if you're looking for anything in particular, we make most of our stuff, etc. etc."

And she says it's been a long, rough day. See, she's been going door to door telling people about the wonders of wind power.

Now, I've been in the store for a bit already, so I've been talking to people and having the kinds of conversations we often have, and we start engaging in small talk about wind power and how neat it is and all this stuff.

And about 3 minutes into the conversation, I realize that she's going door to door for a utility company, *not* describing the power of the North Wind as it relates to the power of the East Wind, or the directionality of wind in general.

And I feel really, really silly.

But here's the best part: she didn't really seem to notice that she was talking physics and renewable energy, and I was talking metaphysics and energy direction.

I very often love working at the Shop.
Tags: amusement, hotties, magical druid

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