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Five Question Maddness!

From ravenlaughing:

1. Chocolate or cinnamon?

Ah, Cinnamon, any day :)

2. Patchouli or sandalwood?

Honestly, I don't remember what sandalwood smells like (wooden sandals on fire, perhaps?), but I know I hate patchouli, so we'll go with Sandalwood. :)

3. What is the greatest acheivement of your life?

Finishing the DP is up there. I value that more than my college degree. Now, if I pull off a Doctorate, I'll have to finish the SP 3rd Circle to top that.

4. What's the stupidest thing you've ever done when drunk?

Sorry, never been drunk. At least, I don't think I have. But I don't need to be drunk to be spectacularly stupid. It's happened when perfectly sober :)

5. Describe the best ritual you've ever been to.

Oh, that's tough. That's really tough.

There was my Dedicant Oath, which you can find a description of on my webpage:

There was the ADF rite with Eris, which she was definitely at:

But it's possible that the opening ritual at Summerland about 4 years ago was the best. At that ritual, I actually *saw* the gates open. Like, eyes open and things moving and existing before them. I'm still not sure what exactly happened, but it was beautiful.
Tags: adf, dedicant path, festivals, five question madness, rituals

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