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Loads of funness

So I'm in my office, and everyone's gone. Technically, I'm not sure I'm supposed to be here, but I am :)

I have to fax a copy of my diploma to the people at Saturn to prove I qualify for a "recent college graduate" discount. And a recent pay stub.

I also have to make a copy of the Encyclopedia of Religions for Cei. I might make a couple of other copies, too, since I'm here and all.

I spent all day yesterday doing work around the house. I now have one wall completely free of wallpaper, one ceiling free of the stuff, and I'm working on another. I'm also doing some wiring today (dangerous but fun). I have to get some paint to do the bookshelves upstairs with, too. Tina won't recognize that attic when she gets back.

So, uh, yeah, this means no hiking for me today (the original plan).

I found a message on my answering machine yesterday from a Grove member's mother. athanasios, I left a message on your answering machine (assuming I called the right number). Please drop me a line when you can so I can explain what I know. I'll be in tonight, and don't worry about calling late, because there's no one home but me and the cats, and I'll likely be up late with my housework. *does a little half-hearted dance of enthusiasm*

I need to swing by Lowes and Target today. Not looking forward to that.

Oh, and apparently Ohio State has a new newpspaper on campus. It's "The Official Newsletter of the Maoist International Movement", and they do one of those things I already ranted about a bit ago: they spell like they're in second grade:

United $tates (and U$)
Wimmin (they're using it derogatorially, not empoweringly)

Yeah. There's a sure way to get respect.
Tags: amusement, friends, hiking, mailing

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