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Well, the attic is now almost wallpaper-free. I have about two or three hours left to work on that room. Once that's done, I can be happy with it. . . Until painting day comes.

The project after that is the first floor bathroom.

Then the Master Bedroom.

When I'm done, there will be no more wallpaper in that house. Not even wallpaper that's been painted over. And there's a lot of that.

Oh, and I think I've solved the cat-on-altar problem. I bought some shelving the other day and put it up in my room. It's not perfect, and it's nowhere near done, but I can promise that the altar will be awesome when finished, and more pictures will (of course) be forthcoming. I managed to torque one screw in half and strip another while putting the shelves up, though, so getting them down and then back up when I go to rip down the wallpaper should be fun.

Today is bill-payment day. At the end of this month, I have to make my first car payment. I've worked my credit card down, and if I find a way to get a bit of money made on the side, I can make quite a dent in everything.

Oh, and January is my renewal for my car insurance.

And I have to buy new tags for my new car.

And this whole month is just going to be tight :)

No good christmas presents for anyone. Least of all myself.

On the bright side, though (and one should always look on the bright side), the 1.10 patch came out for Diablo 2, and it ROCKS.
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