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Some cuts, some substance

Heard from a girl I haven't heard from in a while the other day. It was nice.

I got a load of stuff edited on the DP last night. PSA had very low attendance, and no one was interested in Twister. Party-poopers.

Can I find someone else interested? I warn you: I'm good.

Speaking of Twister, I found an amusing Twister board: it's a sheet for your bed. I have to admit, that would make for some amusing foreplay.

I've been working out designs for a large Twister board for a while. I don't really like the small dots or the four colours on the mat that came with my game. I want something more. Am I too demanding?

I put the damn cat in the attic last night. I noticed last night that she's given my boys some very bad habits while they were all living together. They fight and wrestle with each other more now.

And that stupid cat also tried to jump onto the chest of drawers where I keep all my extra ritual stuff, and succeeded in breaking 2 brand new glass candle holders, scattering spent matches all over the floor, and denting the wood. She also used my wood floor to sharpen her claws.

WTF? What kind of shady personality traits did Priscilla imbue this cat with? And is she ever going to pay me for taking this cat against my better judgement? The answer to all questions is, "Only the Gods know."

Well, I took a quiz
Which Oh My Gods! Character are You?

brought to you by Quizilla
And I read a very amusing comic

Tags: adf, comics, dedicant path, pets, psa, runes
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