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December 4th, 2003

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10:46 am - DP Woes
Well, she was cute. And perhaps interested. . .

Hey, give me a break: I need something to brighten my day.

The revised Dedicant Program was tabled last night by the Mother Grove. As emails trickle in, I wonder what happened. It sounds like a total melt-down of independent thought. I'm not sure that the MG even knows what happened.

Of course, I'm probably only getting one side of the story.

Yeah, I'm frustrated. Not with the fact that they want the best possible program. Not even with the fact that it was delayed.

What frustrates me is that there was little indication that this program wasn't *approved* yet. I know people started working on it. People loved it. I haven't heard a single complaint about it.

I wish I could have observed that meeting. I'm royally confused as to what happened.

As more email comes in, I see others think I was being negative when I emailed out about this. It couldn't be farther from the truth. I very much appreciate the commitment to excellence that the MG has, and I know they're trying to make the DP the best they can. But it's still extremely frustrating.

Thus my drama for the day. *sighs* Time to sit back and wait for the next email.
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Date:December 4th, 2003 05:26 pm (UTC)
I'm not certain who is responsible for leading people to think a DP revision had already been approved. AFAIK, the Samhain date was when the author planned to finish the revision which would then have to be proofed and approved, not when it would be available to members. Meanwhile the original DP was and still is the program people should be using.

I haven't been on the ADF-Dedicants e-mail list since last spring so I resubbed this morning (I have a few minutes while waiting for the family arrival). I think your message was well written and spoke for lots of people.

I hoped we could release the current revision with a stipulation that the needed updates must be made to it within x-amount-of months (and why not, if what we have is already not ideal and this is a step in the right direction). However many Dedicants are not going to appreciate things changing on them again in a few months when v3 would've come out, and so on.

Things went the way of tabling the motion so the CC could correct what some think is a shoddy piece of work and release it by 2/4. I am not thrilled with this idea but the other option also seems problematic.

I think the entire situation at the meeting is a mess based on one or a couple of individuals who did not properly follow procedures. These objections should have been made in the weeks BEFORE the meeting so it could be discussed in full. The meeting is the time to vote on the agenda item, not start a huge debate. That is what the e-mail list is for. I went into the meeting thinking we were going to vote to approve the DP revision but instead it became a discussion and that option was not presented. We missed out on several other agenda items because of this happening with the DP and some of the other items. We ran out of time.

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