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December 4th, 2003

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10:46 am - DP Woes
Well, she was cute. And perhaps interested. . .

Hey, give me a break: I need something to brighten my day.

The revised Dedicant Program was tabled last night by the Mother Grove. As emails trickle in, I wonder what happened. It sounds like a total melt-down of independent thought. I'm not sure that the MG even knows what happened.

Of course, I'm probably only getting one side of the story.

Yeah, I'm frustrated. Not with the fact that they want the best possible program. Not even with the fact that it was delayed.

What frustrates me is that there was little indication that this program wasn't *approved* yet. I know people started working on it. People loved it. I haven't heard a single complaint about it.

I wish I could have observed that meeting. I'm royally confused as to what happened.

As more email comes in, I see others think I was being negative when I emailed out about this. It couldn't be farther from the truth. I very much appreciate the commitment to excellence that the MG has, and I know they're trying to make the DP the best they can. But it's still extremely frustrating.

Thus my drama for the day. *sighs* Time to sit back and wait for the next email.
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Date:December 4th, 2003 05:27 pm (UTC)
I use a Mac so I had to open it with my Hubby's laptop and it appears to working just fine. :) Thank you once again. (:

I think I put a fair amount of work into my DP, all told it ends up being over 70 pages long. I think that is rather intensive. I mostly had problems with the meditation requirement, two powers, 8 high days and patron stuff; as none of them fit within my hearth culture. I believe within all those pages, though, that I managed to clearly explain myself. We shall see, hopefully within the next week.....

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