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Just a quick note

I bought a network card today. It's an old ISA card, and it came with no drivers. I can't find out who made the whole card, just parts. My only leads so far have been in German. This is a load of fun.

I'm hoping that it has plug-n-play drivers. Otherwise I'll have to return it.

Anyone got an old ISA NIC with drivers (or an identifiable make/model) I can have?

Thanks to those of you who wrote stories for me (see last entry). So far I count two. I feel loved by autumnfey and vampyrecandy and unloved by all you other people. Change my mind?

I have a lot of writing to do tonight for Jenni. I have a bit on daily devotionals she asked me to do that's nearly done. This one will be shorter than my last piece submitted for the DP, though.

Sunday, there's a Grove business meeting. Lots of stuff going down, including planning for Saturnalia on Friday. Ack! I have to get the announcement out soon!

Will catch ya'll next week. Later, folks.

OH MY GODS! Someone *JUST* came in to slot three freaking tapes! It's 4:57 PM! We close at 5! Each one is a freaking 30 minute process!
Tags: adf, dedicant path, friends, three cranes grove, work, writings
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