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December 15th, 2003

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10:16 am - Ah, the joys of owning a house. . .
I have a sexy girlfriend.

On a side note, this is kind of how my weekend went:

I decided at about 1 PM to start ripping down the wallpaper in my bedroom. It was very much like being an archeologist. I got out my fedora and went to work.

I did the entire north wall before Tina got home 10 minutes later.

Understand, the master bedroom was covered in pink floral wallpaper, and has a pink-painted ceiling. Underneath, on three walls is a dark pink/peach concoction of evil. On wall 4 (the east wall), there was no paint, so I was exposing drywall.

I called up Brian to see what he was up to. I knew he'd be kind of unbusy, so I offered him beer to come help me strip wallpaper. I went over to pick him up about an hour later.

Tina was seriously baking this weekend. She started at about 1 PM on Saturday, and ended at about 8:30 on Sunday. 16 hours of total baking, 10 kinds of cookies. (See, hearthstone, you weren't the only one going crazy with the oven.) She probably made at least 250 cookies. Maybe 300.

Well, during all that baking, Brian and I were struggling through the room, trying to dig up all the wallpaper. We uncovered pock marks in the walls, holes as big as my fist that were poorly spackled, and hundreds of cat toys that were chased under various pieces of furniture, including three green sparkle balls (Magellan's favourite).

At one point, I was walking across the floor and stepped on something that poked a small hole in my big toe. Brian's comments on that summed up my entire weekend:

"What, you're not wearing shoes? Do I have to go over basic safety rules with you again? Any time you're doing anything remotely manly, like stripping pink flowered wallpaper off the walls to reveal a pink paint job, you must wear shoes!"

I have exactly 400 square feet to paint on the walls, and about 150 square feet on the ceiling. I have big plans. Very big plans. I got some paint samples at Lowes yesterday. And I found some beautiful molding for the room. I'm thinking green, with wainscotting all around. That's next weekend's project. My dad is sending me an automatic painter thingie in the mail, and I hope to get it this week.
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Date:December 15th, 2003 03:54 pm (UTC)
a lovely green below a honey oak stained wainscoting with a warm cream color above it would look very homey, very earthy... Or even a warm pale yellow above...
Date:December 15th, 2003 05:36 pm (UTC)


Did the wallpaper removal in the kitchen. Took off a layer of badly done stucco to find layers and layers of wallpaper underneath. It was interesting to match the wallpaper layers to the layers of paint on the kitchen cabinets.

Not a huge green person myself. My bedroom is purple - not pale, lavender/lilac washed out crap - it is PURPLE. I believe the color at Home Depot is called Frill. Not too dark but very relaxing. Even my bf, big Viking Asatru caveman that he is, likes it.

Living room is rich turquoise blue ("Azure Afternoon") on 3/4 walls, a blue that reminds me of the color of the ocean in photos of the Greek isles. It makes the room inviting and relaxing at the same time. Fourth wall is white (just had to cover the incredibly icky fake dark, dark wood paneling) with sea green shelves mounted on the wall. Sounds vaguely nauseating, but it looks really good.

My SD (aka the landlord) loves it, and has no problems with me leaving the apartment that way when I move.

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