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Jingle bells. . .

Well, I've now spent $160 on Tina. She's done.

Which is good, because tonight might be "Christmas" for us.

In the highly unlikely event that she reads this, though, I'm not going to disclose what I bought her.

Suffice to say, it sparkles, it roars, and it jingles. Guesses are welcome.

On to the next person.

For those who have sent me Christmas cards, I very much appreciate it.

Of course, it looks like this year, as many others have been, instead of getting a Christmas card that's on time from me, you may get them very, very late, if the whole card thing comes around at all. *sighs* I hate it when I screw those up, because I really, really like sending them.

Of course, I suggest that you simply look on late Christmas cards as being very, very early. It saves me from getting yelled at.

Here's what happened over the weekend:

Tina went to Erie, PA for a wake. One of the girls she worked with at the Clinic died in a car accident. That was Sunday.

The ritual on Friday night was awesome. We collected a good number of toys. I need to drop them off at a fire station soon. Maybe tonight. I need to get a good count, but we collected a heck of a lot, and certinaly more than we had people doing gift exchange. (8 of us were exchanging gifts, and we had some donations from people who weren't even at the ritual.)

Of course, my Patron had to make Her presence known. I will definitely be writing up how.

Saturday was spent working on making my room ready for painting.

Sunday, I moved what was left in my room out, and began to cover the hideous pink walls with white "high-hiding" primer. Brian had suggested I could do a single coat of some other colour, but I didn't believe him. Lucky me: the pink still radiates through the "high-hiding" stuff. Have I mentioned that I hate the people who lived there before me? So, either tonight or tomorrow, it's back to the paint brush for me. And I have to get it done before Wed., because I'm scheduled to start on Tina's bathroom on Christmas Day, and I still need to buy paint for that.

All in all, a busy week. And I have to build up a Diablo 2 character to at least level 18, Horadric Cube in hand, before Saturday. It's important.
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