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How do I see you? Look in the mirror of my mind's eye. . .

On my way out to the ritual Friday night, I started thinking about how I envisioned people on my LJ looking when they typed an LJ entry. I have no idea if this is true, nor do I think how I see you in my mind's eye necessarily reflects how I think of you in reality. But it was a fun exercise. So, no offense meant, but I hope you enjoy it:

anivair - I see him stopping in for a quick lunch or something and typing something quickly for his LJ.
athanasios - For some reason, I see athanasios hunched over his keyboard, eyes squinting in a dark room, searching for something - anything - in a message that he can comment on. Maybe by the light of a lone candle.
autumnfey - I see her sitting at a computer, looking out over a series of hills and valleys, no other houses or roads anywhere in that window. I think this primarily comes from my perception of Vermont.
bean_drui - Wearing a long t-shirt and underwear, typing on her computer in a small room.
beautycorrosion - Generally, I think of beautycorrosion as typing while naked, except for a pair of pink bunny slippers. Does it help if I swear up and down that I do not have a bunny or foot fetish?
borabora385 - Wearing black, typing in a dorm room.
danicia - Not enough info yet, and not really a face to put with the name.
deedeehopskotch - Wearing a specific shirt . . . The scary thing is I can visualize the shirt (I saw her wear it many times), but I can't possibly describe it. Not even a little. Recently, I've come to visualize her with a headset, a voodoo doll, and dancing around an empty office.
drakhuss - Not enough info yet. I get the impression of someone young.
brit0martis - I get mixed images. Most of them involve a telescope and a digital camera. Usually, I see brit0martis typing occasionally, and spending the rest of the time looking up at stars outside a window.
freyjasgydhia - Sitting at home, watching a kid or three. A stick of incense burns next to her, and an altar to her left.
ravenlaughing - Sitting in a small room, well lit. Probably trying to keep her cats off the monitor.
hearthstone - I tend to think of hearthstone as bundled up. I think this has to do with location. Maybe a blanket and heavy socks.
hekatatia - Sitting in a white-walled room, doing some techie stuff and some ADF business, taking breaks to check LJ.
jadewaterflame - Sitting in a small apartment, cagarette burning down next to her, typing away. Perhaps occasionally looking at porn.
kallisti - Doing way too many things at once.
ocean_star - Sitting in a quiet corner of the house, working on something like knitting or sewing. Setting that aside to write an entry.
invicti_solis - Usually, I envision invicti_solis being too busy to update. I'm just not sure what he's so busy doing. . .
mlleelizabeth - fantasizing about Clex adventures surreptitiously while pretending to work. Updating on LJ even though she's not supposed to, and occasionally requiring a fast switch from LJ to work.
mmefrufru - Generally, I see her gazing off into space and daydreaming about some hot guy, and then snapping out of it long enough to write something extremely amusing, yet insightful in her LJ.
perlgirlju - Sitting in a pod in her office, updating her LJ when the time allows. T-shirt and jeans. Is there anything else?
qorinda - Hanging out in an adobe house (cuz they're all adobe in that neck of the US, right?) a cool drink in one hand, typing with the other.
healing_coyote - I tend to think of healing_coyote as naked, hanging out in her room and studying for a class and typing an LJ entry. Perhaps also composing an email that she decided not to send. Yes, I know that it would be terribly impractical.
ray716 - I see him hanging out with a bunch of Runes spread all across his desk, trying to interpret them so his LJ entries make sense.
rhiannon76 - I imagine a few rocks around rhiannon76's computer. Updates come when time is alotted, which is rare.
roc441 - Sitting in a dark-ish room, the glow of the computer illuminating all. Typing, mood swinging occasionally.
rubydolphin - Usually laughing, but certainly not always. Sometimes at a private joke that I really don't get. Mostly, updating from home, and I imagine "home" has wood paneling.
sarahdipity418 - I see her in a t-shirt and jeans, or else a pair of overalls (hey, I think overalls are sexy, when applied correctly). I think the overalls come from the whole Iowa thing.
smithing_chick - Dressed all in black, with a definite lack of sleep in her eyes, set off quite nicely by that sparkle they have.
sparkliedragon - Not enough info yet. Youth is the primary thought.
styskel - I see styskel as spaced out in front of his computer, posting when he suddenly realizes that if he doesn't move, the spiders will finally make enough webbing that he won't be able to move.
suicidektn - Chatting, writing, listening to music, LJing, and generally feeding her 'net addiction. All at once.
tosk - Thinking up something new and interesting to say. Generally something that doesn't make sense. When it hits, he types it out as quickly as a duck on a unicycle.
triadruid - I envision a KC Chiefs banner and an old 1985 Royals World Series pennet over triadruid's computer, but don't really think he's interested in sports. Not that anyone could be in KC. Just like no one in Cincy or Cleveland could be.
vampyrecandy - Sitting in her Dorm room in Baker, surrounded by clutter, reading something intently and forgetting all about her LJ entry. She only comes back to it when the kids down the hall start shouting.
wishesofastar - In a t-shirt and pants, just waking up, usually. Most likey, she's got MS Word open on her desktop and is currently either drunk or suffering writers block. Or both.

Am I close? Am I far off the mark? Wanna hurt me now? Let me know!

Oh, and how do you think I look when typing these things?
Tags: friends, lj, memes

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