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Ritual work. . .

Rituals I need to revise/write in the near future:

1) revamp the Buffett Ritual to include Cheeseburgers and actual singing (note: instead of opening the Gates, open the Tiki Bar)

2) the Muppet Liturgy (Statler and Waldorf as "Outdwellers")

3) the Stripper Liturgy (thanks to vampyrecandy [and her bro] for the idea) . . . (mental note: discuss whether strippers on poles would be better gatekeepers, or better axis mundi, and check whether anyone in ADF has skills that would be useful for helping out) . . . (mental note 2: try not to sound like a sexist pig for suggesting that)

4) the OSU-M*ch*g*n Game Blessing Rite (this will require new "vestments")

5) a run-of-the-mill Imbolc Rite for the Grove

6) a Sumbel for the Grove

7) another Erisian ritual (avoid using giant Golden Apples this time)

8) Ziiace foundation rite

9) one Black Mass, to go. No, I don't want fries with that.

On a totally unrelated note, I just realised that the SD of our Grove has the power to delegate out the Pursewarden or Scribe jobs if they become vacant. . . I think. I need to look at the By-Laws again.

Oh. I just got this in email (seems a lot of unrelated things are occuring here today). Some of you may know the subject of this particular article:

Pagans and Porn

An exerpt:

"Stacy Bartley, 46, of Ravenwood, W.Va., was arrested Dec. 1 and charged in Hamilton County with four counts of aggravated arson, charges carrying a maximum penalty of 36 years in prison."

It's a disturbing article.
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