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Oh, the joy of painting . . .

So, tonight I plan to finish Tina's bathroom. It's going to be very white. The paint needs to dry for, I think, another 15 minutes.

But Once that's done, I can move everything back into the bathroom, and I'll have finished the whole thing in about 36 hours. Assuming I don't need another coat of paint, and that my spackling job was adequate.

Then, tomorrow, I do the Master bedroom. I'm looking forward to it. But I need the exact right colour of paint.

I'm off to Lowes in the morning.

Amusingly, I've had more Pagans call and wish my "Merry Christmas" today than I had anyone call and say "happy Yule" or anything similar.

In other news: I am so a fan of Peter Pan. I plan to finish the book this weekend and go see the new movie sometime soon.

-MJD out.
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