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Today, I will not discuss the painting of my house. Or did I just?

As many of you know, my undergraduate was in Military History. Ohio State has the best Military History program in the nation, and it shows in our faculty. It comes in handy sometimes, but not always. In fact, it rarely does. But it's really cool to say that my degree is in Military History.

Today, as I was walking to lunch, I was reading something I plan to submit to Oak Leaves and trying to figure out how to word things better. Suddenly, I looked up and bearing down on me at full speed was a red-tailed hawk. I stopped short and its left wing nearly brushed my face. I watched it fly low, and finally swoop up into a tree 100 yards away. I started walking again, but felt drawn back. I decided that this was more important than lunch and went to find the hawk.

I found her sitting in a tree next to Derby Hall. She was a young thing, but she sat there proud and strong. I watched her for a while. I thought about other times I'd seen the red-tailed hawks on campus: once during ResNet training, next to the Towers on the Olentangy River; once next to Denny Hall, sitting in a tree, slowly deconstructing a dove; and once chased by crows low to the ground across the Oval. These hawks have been a part of my experience at this University, and every time I forget about them, they show up again.

She took off from her perch, and flew over toward Denny Hall. She started low to the ground, flying right over my head, and then, as she approached the next building, suddenly dove to the ground, back up to the top of a tree, and finally back down to the ground. I ran over to where she was, and kneeled, peering into the bushes. She was standing, her eyes upon me, wings spread. Between her talons there was a squirrel, dying. She dragged it across the ground, first to her left a yard, then to her right. She waited. She moved again, a yard to the left, a yard to the right. I watched her as she stood still, quietly with one eye on me. I watched a moment longer, and then I turned to go for my own lunch.

I returned 20 minutes later, on my way back to my office. She was now feasting on the squirrel, ripping it apart. I watched a few moments more and then left again.

After posting the article from the Cincy paper last week, and taking some time off, I've had chances to read many of your responses. Do you remember the article I was in in the Dispatch? Someone mentioned it in a letter to the editor.

The chic from the Cincy post can be reached here: (figure I'd leave it for the mail spiders to find it.)

I'd like to highly recommend that everyone read the following Clex adventure, put together so well as an advent calendar by mlleelizabeth. Her writing style is wonderful, I think, and I admire it and think it's a great story (despite not being into the subject matter). Truly touching (read that how you will).

Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5,
Day 6, Day 7, Day 8, Day 9, Day 10,
Day 11, Day 12, Day 13, Day 14, Day 15,
Day 16, Day 17, Day 18, Day 19, Day 20,
Day 21, Day 22, Day 23, Day 24, Day 25

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