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The Schmuck I Am

I hate it when it bothers me that I've done something moral. I'm sick of that feeling.

Today I found $20 at the foot of a register at Wendy's, obviously dropped by a customer.

I turned it in to the register.

The customer was long gone, and apparently hadn't noticed or didn't care. Yet I turned it in anyway.

I felt like a schmuck.

I still feel that way. There was no good reason to turn it in, especially to the register.

I sat there for about 20 minutes. No one rushed up to the register to claim it, and I doubt anyone will. And I know that $20 could have been well used by me.

But the crux of the problem is that I feel so bad for doing what I know was right.

Hell, not 10 minutes before, I was wondering what would happen if I dropped a wad of cash out of my pocket, which happened to be folded in exactly the same way.

I feel like I've been made an ass of.
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