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And there she was. . .

So on Monday afternoon, I was sitting alone at the front desk, minding my own business. Seriously.

I looked up when I heard the click*click of heels on the floor outside the door. I admit a certain curiosity at this point, but through years of school in KY, I've learned that the sound of womens' shoes can herald either a lady or a cowboy-wannabe.

Well, a woman walked through the door. Tall and blonde, she smiled at me and walked up to the desk.

She started talking, asking about software and a few other things. I got lost pretty quickly in her accent, though, and eventually had her repeat a lot of what she said (mostly so I could hear it again).

I noticed a problem with her account and went out of my way to fix it for her, saving her about 2 or 3 days of headaches and issues.

I talked a bit about the policies regarding the software, and she settled on on particular piece. I got out the books to loan it, and passed it across the table to her, along with her ID.

"It's due back on Thrusday."

With the slightest twinkle in her blue eyes, she smiled and said, "See you on Thursday, then."

I had a sudden feeling of deja vu. . .
Tags: hotties, work

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