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Freewriting . . .

You know, I'm sitting here, after work, and chatting, and I've decided on a bit of free-writing, only stopping long enough to correct a typo or three. I'm thinking about this song I'm listening to, "All the Ways I Want You" by Buffett (who else?) and I'm wondering a bit at how it affects me. Thinking primarily of Tina, and how I just don't tell her enough that I love her. Thinking of wonderful things left unsaid for good reason (or bad, depending on who you ask), and really enjoying the craziness of my thoughts. Despite the song being slow, I'm thinking quite rapidly, and typing just a bit slower :) So there's little chance of me actually capturing my thoughts.

I was thinking of another stream of conciousness (1, 2) essay/entry because I enjoyed them when I did them last summer. Hm, song change. Hey, triadruid, it's "Boat Drinks". . . Crazy.

And now I'm thinking I have to get home, because there's a good lookin' woman waiting there and I shouldn't be chatting while she's at home with the other man. Catch ya'll tomorrow.
Tags: buffett, stream of consciousness, writings

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