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A little dream and a choice

I had a dream last night that I'd gotten to Wellspring, but had my old tent. And the forcast called for tornadoes and thunderstorms.

It reminded me that I have to purchase a new tent.

Eris and Esus are working on me recently. Despite having the altar up, I have not re-started practice yet. This is ticking them off and causing me more pain than I need to be going through.

But right now, I simply cannot make the time.

All my graduate applications are due today, and I'm currently missing two letters of recommendation. That does not bode well.

You will also notice that my AIM and ICQ are turned off. Yes, I have done this for a reason. I need to work, and I can't chat today. Perhaps I'll be back tomorrow or Tuesday. But for now, despite the fact that I can work while chatting, I cannot work *as fast* if I chat. So I'm playing catchup today.

I am answering email, though.

perlgirlju, you should either call or email me today. Email is preferable.
Tags: dreams, festivals, freedom, hotties, school, work
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