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Dreams, part I

Ask and ye shall receive.

In my first dream last night, I was driving up Olentangy River Rd. and we were talking. Eventually, I turned off onto Cooke Rd. (I know they don't connect, but in my defense, the street didn't look anything like Cooke). Cooke was well-maintained and tree-lined, parks all up and down the street. On the right side, there was a police station.

Fast-forward and I'm out of the car, walking south on Cooke Rd. (again, I realise you can't walk south along an east-west street).

Suddenly, instead of walking with Tina, I'm walking with healing_coyote. We're talking about sex and stuff (nope, sorry, can't say more, because I promised I wouldn't, and I even keep my word to figments of my imagination; suffice to say there was lots of "stuff" talked about).

Well, after that, all of a sudden I was walking with my friend Kris, and both Tina and healing_coyote. I was holding both the girls' hands. Kris was talking about something, though I wasn't listening; I was just walking.

I'd occasionally try to drag the girls back and let Kris walk ahead so I could be alone with the girls, but that didn't work.

Well, Tina and healing_coyote got the idea to have a threesome with me, and I didn't really feel like I could say no. . . Yes, I can see you all rolling your eyes. But the interesting thing was that I started to daydream about the possibility while in the dream. That was rather odd.

Someone asked what we should do about Kris, and I said: "Oh, I don't think he'd mind watching." So we all walked off into the woods.

Thus ended that dream.
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