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Sex and power

Sometimes, I'm very happy with a strictly monogamous relationship. Today is one of those days.

I was reading a post on nonfluffypagans (I don't usually read a lot of them) about abuse of power, and explicitly about the abuse of sexual power-over.

Since the practice of my religion doesn't involve sex, or any sex act, and I have never really considered sex to be a "sacred act" (if anyone tries to tell me that I "just haven't done it with the right person", that person needs to check their ego at the door), I don't think I'm in any danger of using sex in a religious context to hold power over a person.

Of course, I do believe that sex can hold a place in magic (particularly in Chaos Magic), but magic is far from a primary practice of mine, and since a small debacle a few years ago (when I was younger, stupider, and not in any position to be teaching anything to anyone, anyway), I haven't bothered to teach anyone anything that wasn't religious first.

This used to be a large problem in the Columbus Pagan community, though, and there are still aftershocks from it. The post referenced above made me re-consider this issue, and wonder if there are groups in Columbus who still do this. I'm sure there are.

Fortunately, they probably don't hold the same amount of power as they did before. Some of the groups were *very* large, and rumors of people sleeping their way to the top are common about them. I don't hear the same things anymore. I'm hoping that's a good sign.
Tags: adf, chaos magic, polyamory, sex

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