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Women and water are in short supply. . .

So I had a lovely evening last night going out to dinner with healing_coyote. It's always a pleasure to spend time with her.

Got home and told Tina where I'd been. I think she's more than a bit jealous and maybe even untrusting. *sighs* But, there's little I can do about that. *shrugs*

On an amusing side note, I'm now the friend of 50 people. this is cool, because, in general, people rock. Well, except for the obvious exceptions.

Work is currently hell, which is why my IM is set to away. I'm kind of sort of available, but not really. Mainly, I'm here if something important is going on. No small talk.

I'll be updating with a description of that quiz soon, so if you haven't taken it, this is about to be your last chance.

But whether I do that later today or on Monday will greatly depend on whether I finish my work.

My armies are getting restless. They might have to go to war tonight.

What an interesting musical selection for this entry:

You Call it Joggin'
Tags: armies, buffett, friends, hotties, lj, work

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