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That quiz

For those who took the quiz, I've closed it out. Here are explainations of the answers:

1. Where does Mike say he's from?
Kansas City, MO (0 points) - I lived here for 2 1/2 years. Never say I'm from there.
Chicago, IL (7 points) - I used to say I was from Chicago, as my parents live there now. But I've come to call Columbus home.
Cincinatti, OH (5 points) - This is where I was born, so if I get pressed, I say I'm from here.
Columbus, OH (10 points) - I'm here now, been here for 7 years, not goin' anywhere.
Owensboro, KY (3 points) - I lived here a long time, but I rarely say I'm from here.

2. Where is he really from?
Naperville, IL (0 points)
Cincinatti, OH (10 points) - Yep, was born here.
Columbus, OH (0 points)
Owensboro, KY (0 points)
A military base in Alaska (5 points) - I don't know how this got 5 points, but I'm amused that it did, so to the one person who voted for it: you got lucky.

3. What is his primary religion?
United Church of Christ (1 points) - I was brought up in this denomination.
Neo-Pagan (2 points) - I dislike identifying myself with this religion, but it is partially true.
Druid (10 points) - Absolutely correct. Out of 14 people, 4 chose this.
Discordian (4 points) - This one has always been secondary.
Parrothead (5 points) - Okay, I have to give points for this one. But it isn't my religion, dammit!

4. What other religion does he practice?
Discordianism (10 points) - Of course.
Subgenius (1 points) - related to Discordianism, so it got 1 point.
Ziiace (9 points) - I don't talk much about this one, but it runs third.
Druidism (5 points) - Nope, first religion.
Eco-Feminism (0 points) - Not a chance.

5. Which Buffett song does he think exemplifies his own view of himself?
Island (5 points) - I like Island, but it would have fit better in high school.
The Weather is Here, I Wish You Were Beautiful (2 points) - I quote it a lot, but it would definitely be an idealized vision of who I am. I don't really need "time for to play", though I do often try to make "points with the stewardess high over long island sound."
Travelin' Clean (0 points) - It's a great song, but I just don't move around that much.
Last Mango in Paris (10 points) - If I could live my life the way I wanted, and when I look at my life in the future, I hope it looks exactly like this.
The Wino and I Know (9 points) - This was the highest number of guesses. It was the doughnut lines, wasn't it?

6. In high school, Michael:
Took a cheerleader to a dance, and even managed not to embarass himself (8 points) - Partially true, except about the "not to embarass himself" part. I still have moments where I look back at that dance and wish I could just shoot myself. Maybe I'll enlighten everyone to it one day. I'm surprised at how many people thought I could score a date with a cheerleader :)
Was a Parrothead (1 points) - I was definitely not a Parrothead. I couldn't stand Jimmy Buffett until my sophmore year of College.
Never actually went on a date (0 points) - I was fortunate, in that my senior year saw me actually able to score a date or two.
Used girls left and right (5 points) - I used one girl, and I used her pretty bad. I'm very ashamed of it, and if I could see her or find her, I'd be on my knees begging forgiveness.
Was used by one girl he thought he loved (10 points) - Yeah. Like everyone else, I had the idea in my head that I was in love, but the girl crushed my heart pretty bad.

7. Mike's major in college was
Pez (0 points) - I saw this on the Ohio Stadium jumbotron once. One of the animators had stated that his major was Pez when rolling the credits, and I always wanted to major in that. I just never could find the department this was part of though.
History (8 points) - More or less true. "Military" history was my specialization.
Military History, English minor (10 points) - This gets more points than just "history" because it's more correct.
Comparative Religious Studies, History, English minor (5 points) - I had enough credits for a Religious Studies degree, but didn't get one.
Ancient Mediterranian History, English minor (3 points) - Well, it was ancient mediteranian military history that was the full specialization.

8. What is the name of the ADF Grove Michael is Senior Druid of?
Woodcutter's Grove, ADF (5 points) - This only got points because I was considering it as a name initially.
Bull's Head Grove, ADF (0 points) - Derrived from the same relief.
Parrot's Cove Grove, ADF (0 points) - If I ever start another, this'll probably be the name.
Three Cranes Grove, ADF (10 points) - Of course.
Buckeye Grove, ADF (0 points) - Possible, but too cheesy, even for me.

9. How can you tell Mike is only flirting?
Because he's told me time and time again (9 points) - Interstingly, people who haven't ever met me before chose this one. It seems word is out. Do I harp on it too much?
Because he'll come out and say it before he starts (0 points)</i> - I never say anything before I start. I'm dangerous like that.
Because he'll say something if I start to take it too far (10 points) - This is most correct.
Because I'm not really that good looking (0 points) - Now, that's just a lie. You *know* you're that good looking, and if you don't I'll tell you you are.
He's never just flirting. Not only have I heard stories, but he's just too lecherous to keep his hands to himself. (1 points) - I'm so incredibly happy that no one picked this!

10. How many days worth of Buffett songs does Mike have on his work computer?
Only 24 hours or so, but it does keep growing (10 points) - This one is true. I got up to 30 recently, after adding three new disks to the rotation.
8 days, 7 hours, 23 minutes, and 32 seconds (0 points) - I have nearly the entire discography, and there's definitely not that much Buffett in the world :) But this definitely got the most votes.
3 days (0 points)
It's just one album, but he plays it over and over again (0 points)
There's other stuff there, too! (0 points) - no, there is nothing else on my machine. Only Buffett.
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