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hotdogs and hair, not all at once

Do you know what my problem is? I haven't had a hot dog in at least three weeks. Maybe (probably) more.

Of course, I've been so flat broke that I couldn't get a hot dog if I wanted one (and I have), but that's really no excuse for failure to partake in such an important religious ritual.

So for lunch today, it's twinkies. I'm so all about the twinkies. How could anyone not like something cream-filled that's squishy and sweats?

Hmm. . . Perhaps I have answered my own question.

Now, one thing that has bothered me a bit over the past week:

Yes, I know I have gotten a haircut. There is no reason to tell me this.

The following reactions to my current haircut are acceptable:

"Wow! Your hair looks great!"

"Dude, you need a better barber!"

"Did you get a haircut?"

"Did you ask your doctor about viagra?"

The following responses are not appropriate:

"You got a haircut." (Spoken as a statement, as if I didn't already know this.)

"Aww, I liked your hair the other way!" (Spoken as if my opinion isn't important in this.)

Thank you, that is all.

This is, quite possibly, too much info. But as it's not only incredibly embarassing, but very, very funny, I thought I'd relate:

I was reading and got incredibly horny last night. What was I reading, you ask? Fanfiction? Erotic stories? The want ads in the paper? No!

I was reading the appendix to Dumezil's Archaic Roman Religion, Vol. 2. Wanna talk about embarassing? Getting aroused while reading that is truly frightening!

Oh, and healing_coyote, you wanted to see pictures of my legs, right? I can't believe I haven't been around you in shorts before.
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