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My deity has a first name, it's E-S-U-S

How is it that one deity can have so many bad descriptions online?

My webpage has, I think, a pretty good definition of Esus, but I'm sorely disappointed in everything else out there on Him.

Take the following description that has been copied word for word on many websites:

"(Gaul) God equated with either Roman deity Mars or Mercury. Human sacrifices to Esus were hanged and skewered with a sword. Esus is usually pictured as a woodcutter. His sacred animal was the bull."

Often, you'll see a similarly puzzling statement like this:

Esus' name means "Lord" or "Master". Esus was the husband of Rosmerta.

Where do these people get this stuff? You can tell it's all copied from some book somewhere.

I hate it when my personal Patron Deity is just given random associations that aren't elaborated on. I can see some kid Pagan who did some quick research on the 'net deciding to invite Esus to his next tea-party of a ritual.

"I want to invoke Mars and Mercury, but I'm Celtic! Whatever shall I do?" he cries in mock pain. "Ooh, I know, I'll just call up this deity, since he's the same. Maybe I'll get his wife, too!"

Ugh. I'm crawling back into my hole.

Read about Esus if you wanna use Him. He'd appreciate.

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