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What Eris has been up to. . .

Eris: You look like you're having fun. What's up?

Me: You know better than that. I'm swamped, and I'm blaming You.

E: Oh, you can blame me all you want. But you know it's your fault.

M: Maybe, but You're much easier to blame.

E: And I'm much better looking, too.

M: Don't forget to mention the teeny-tiny size of Your ego.

E: Oh, I won't. It's really small. Just like. . .

M: You know, I'm not in the mood for that.

E: *pouting* You're no fun when cranky. You need a nap.

M: Yeah, I'm a bit irritable right now.

E: You know, I can get irritable too.

M: I'd prefer You not, but I can't stop You.

E: I know you can't. But I'm not going to. I want to have fun. Call in sick.

M: No.

E: Why not?

M: I'm too far behind to call in sick. If I call in sick, Sara goes through my tickets and finds out that I have customers who haven't been responded to in over a week. Sick days aren't very useful if I have no job.

E: Yes, that does put a damper on it.

M: Understatement of the year, babe.

E: Well, I try.

M: Do You talk to everyone like this?

E: If I told you that, you wouldn't feel so special, would you?

M: No, but at least I'd know I wasn't insane.

E: You don't really want an answer to that, do you?

M: No, probably not.

***Later, at work***

E: There you go blaming me again.

M: No, I'm blaming myself. The only thing You get blamed for is mixing it up with me right now, at this time.

E: You're mine. I have a right to that.

M: No, I'm not Yours. At least not all of me. There are lots of people who own little pieces of my life. You may own one of the two biggest pieces, but that's it.

E: But you admit that I get more of you than most.

M: Yes, I do.

E: Ha! That's the same thing to me! You're Mine!

M: *sighs* You're crazy.

E: *bowing* Thank you for noticing.

M: Is it possible not to? You know, I was just looking around the state that my office is in. It's somewhat amusing. Papers everywhere, in seemingly random piles; my trash can pulled out so I can't open my drawers; a package of peanuts lying ripped open on the desk. And then I look up, and there You are. You're everywhere in this office. There's this little bit of dust that I can see Your finger prints on, and there's the sign that says:

"I am Chaos.
I am the substance from which your artists and scientists build rhythms.
I am the spirit in which your children and clowns laugh in happy anarchy.
I am Chaos. I am alive, and I tell you that you are free."

And there You are again. I'm never going to get rid of You, am I?

E: *close, breathing in my ear* Darling, would you really want to?

M: *shivers* No, I wouldn't. But there are lots of people I wouldn't want to get rid of. Sometimes I just need a break.

E: Hmm. . . That sounds like you're trying to break up with me.

M: No. And I'm not asking if I can see other Goddesses. I just need some time to work shit out.

E: *again in my ear* You know, I can help with that. . .

M: *sighs* Yes, You can. But I want to do this myself.

E: Always the independent spirit, huh, Green.

M: Yes Ma'am. That's what you like about me.

E: Is it? I thought it was this. . .

M: Hey! Hands to Yourself!

E: *laughs*

M: You're incorrigible.

E: Ha. You looked that up to make sure it fit! You should know that word by now! Everyone uses it for you!

M: Yeah, but I'm using it right, and that's what's important here.

E: Well, darling, are you in a better mood?

M: Only slightly.

E: Oh, well, then I'll be on my way. I have someone else to visit in a few. TTFN!

M: *rolls eyes* I'll say a little prayer for whoever that is.
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