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And a ray of sunshine peaks through:

I have ordered a new fedora. I've needed one for two years now (which is why so few of you have seen me in one), and my old one has just been hanging on a peg in the basement.

I don't know what to do with my old hat. We've been through so much together, from loving beautiful women to challenging dark caverns to keeping the sun off my neck in Key West. No hat can replace it, but when the hat no longer fits, you can do nothing about it.

Unfortunately, I'm between hat sizes (by and 8th of an inch), so we'll have to see if the large fits, or if I need the extra large.

Please, no comments on the size of my head. I've already thought about all of them and laughed.

Now I need to find a decently priced leather jacket.

Well, I didn't take a lunch today. I stayed in my office working. I have finished updating my tickets.

Tina says I should choose between red, black, royal blue, or hunter green for a kilt. Yeah, that narrows it down *so* much.
Tags: amusement, fedora, hotties, kilts
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