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Ash. . .

For freyjasgydhia:


1st aicme - 5th few. The standard name for this symbol is Nion, pronounced 'ne-un'. It is also written as Nin10 and Nuin11. In English, it represents the letter N. The tree associated with this symbold is the ash, Fraxinus excelsior. This is one of the Cheiftain trees.

  • Morann Mac Main - "checking of peace: it is the maw of a weaver's beam as applied to wood: a sign of piece is that"
  • Mac ind Óic - "fight of women, of the weaver's beam, i.e., maw of weaver's beam."
  • Fenius Farsaidh - "a check on peace is ash, for of it are made the spear-shafts by which peace is broken: or that is a maw of a weaver's beam which is made of ash, that is, in time of peace weaver's beams are raised"
  • Skip - Ancient knowledge, the weaver's beam

Associated with: English (Irish)
  • Bird - snipe (Næscu)
  • River Pool - (Nith)
  • Fortress - (Nephin)
  • Colour - Clear (Necht)
  • Agriculture - Ring (Nasc)
  • Art - Notary Work (Notaireacht)
  • Saint - Neasan
  • Animal - Adder (Nathair)
  • Herb - Stinging Nettle (Neantóg)
  • Stone - Serpentine (Nathartha)

10 - As used by Thorsson.
11 - As used by Everson.

From The Druids' Alphabet: What Do We Know About the Oghams? by Robert Lee (Skip) Ellison

Yes, I recommend the book.
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