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So, you ask how my weekend was, do you? Oh, have I got stories to tell. . . (choose which event did not happen, one for each day):

Friday night: A pox upon those who speak of it!

1) Anger flowed like lava that day. The winds whipped their chilly tendrils around me as I cleaned my driveway at midnight. Out of the darkness came a large man, bearing a shovel and wearing a scarf as proof against the cold. His gloved hands wrapped about the shovel's haft as if to strike me. But strike he did not. Instead, in his mentally unbalanced state, abuse was hurled across the frozen air. I ignored the calling voice, and shoveled snow away.

2) I came home from work late, intent to find a movie. Home at 7:00, after copying the entire appendix of Dumezil's Archaic Roman Religion 4 times, I waited for Tina. At 8 PM she finally came home, we could not go to our first choice, and instead settled on an old, curmudgeony chic-flick that was not at all curmudgeony. The weather was cursed with much passion.

3) Upon arriving home, I did dishes.

Saturday: A day of lonliness.

1) I ask Tina if we can see a movie. Sure, says she, and we plan for a 7:10 movie. She goes out to run errands, tutor, and take quizzes at 10 AM. We miss the movie as she does not return until 9 PM. Fortunately, I had already considered her disappearance a possibility, and had asked Brian to come over.

2) I dropped off pants at Goodwill. Twas all my tightest, blackest jeans. My apologies to the ladies, and a hearty "you're welcome" to the guys.

3) Brian arrived at my house at 3:30 PM. We struggled to move my dead car off the ice, but only managed to break something. We also pulled various muscles doing so. For the rest of the day, we discussed the founding of various cults and their strategies, hoping to imitate them.

4) Tina and I ended up going out dancing late that night. By the end of it, I'd danced with three women, and Tina had danced with 6 guys. And I was sore as a mo-fo. We came home and I spent the next hour working on the Imbolc liturgy for the day after.

Sunday: The Day of Rest. Right.

1) I woke up Sunday morning to Tina, telling me that Infinity (the spoiled brat of a cat) had been chewing on her earring all night, and that said earring was now missing. My eye roll was not taken well. I rolled out of bed, and went to the floor, looking over everything as best as I could. Tina donated black gloves to me so I could go through stool, but before I was officially assigned this task, the emerald and mounting were found upon the floor. The backing was found in a pile of litter, as obvious as a needle in a haystack.

2) I seriously considered calling in sick for the Imbolc ritual.

3) I went to Kroger first, and picked up a golden delicious apple. I also grabbed some other items, including butter, flowers and olive oil for offerings. The offerings decisions were made so last minute that they are not even listed anywhere in the liturgy. I then swung by the Clintonville Community Market for some root beer and s sage smudge. All told, the ritual cost me $40. This is an improvement.

4) Despite lack of planning, the ritual went off very well. Even I had fun. The omen was, "It's going to be raining men, and we should enjoy them." I seriously considered breaking out into song.
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