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Several interesting events:

(Warning: may make the quiz from the last entry a bit less fun. You should all try it first. Real answers posted later.)

1) I have learned that Etruscan men were generally not circumcised. I found this out by looking at votive offerings they made of their own genitals. Who knew that a book titled "Late Etruscan Votive Heads from Tessennano" would include more than one type of head?

2) Some women wear far too much perfume. I don't care how good you think it smells, *every* woman needs to cut back on it. Seriously. It can only help.

3) It is starting to look like my email has been dropping messages. I've been informed that some people seem put off that I've not responded. Since I read every message, and I keep a running queue of things to respond to, this is a bit disconcerting, and quite strange. Pile on top of this that I've been behind on *all* work for the past two weeks and you might see why I'm laying low on IM, too. So, no, you didn't piss me off.

4) Speaking of email, I now get copied on everything sent to the ADF webmaster. This sounds very cool, but it's more like getting subscribed to a veritable fountain of emails offering porn, various "physical attribute" enhancers, and perscription drugs from interesting third-world countries. Now if only the following were true: 1) I couldn't find porn on my own; 2) I felt I needed such enhancements; or 3) I was dying of some horrible disease. I have begun to wonder what Anthony has been doing with this email address. . .

5) The omen at the last ritual was as follows:

Have the offerings been accepted? Ansuz - Mouth or Essuary. I got the impression of a flowing forth, journeys and movements. The rune is also associated with the Gods, but I downplayed this because it didn't seem right.

What do the Gods offer us in return? Mannaz - Man / men. At this point, all I could think of was the tune and lyrics to "It's Raining Men" by The Weathergirls. I nearly busted out in song. The combination of the mouth of a river overflowing into the sea and the offering of men was too great a temptation for me, and so I interpreted the omen exactly as I saw it.

What further needs do the Gods have of us? Wunjo - joy. Obviously, they wanted us to enjoy these men. As far as I was concerned, there was no other way to interpret this omen.

Some of our members drank very deeply of the blessing cups after hearing that omen.

6) I haven't gotten as far as I would like on the story I'm writing at mlleelizabeth's prompting. It is sitting at half done, but I'm hoping to get it finished soon. I just need some inspiration. . .

7) I keep re-reading this card from healing_coyote. I like it lots. Thank you.

8) I am, unfortunately, not goint to make it out to Desert Magic. Probably not to Burning Man. I just have to accept that I don't have the cash. *sigh* And my uncle is seriously thinking about Memorial Day Weekend for his wedding. I'm so not happy about that, because it directly conflicts with Wellspring. *grrrr*
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