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So I'm doing something I almost never do next week. I'm going to skip PSA.

See, Tina's told me several times that she feels ignored on Tuesday nights. You know, not that this is any different than usual.

So I decided I'd surprise her and not go tonight. It's a mid-quarter party, and I have so much to do beforehand, anyway, that PSA is (for once) a serious inconveniece. But Tina has to study for a test, which I found out when I mentioned I'd be staying home.

Well, since she's studying for a test this week, I'm going to avoid being home to bug her and skip out next week.

This makes a total of 3, I think, that I've ever missed. It might be two, but I have a nagging feeling I missed another one.

I'm just glad next week I'm not teaching. I'm doing chaos magic on the 17th, and I'm working on preparing for that, though the going is slow since I have so much that I need to do.

But I'm thinking something simple for next Tuesday. Maybe a movie and dinner? *shrugs* I dunno. But I gotta do this.
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