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Last week's game. . .

From last week's entry: A Game:

The correct answers are as follows:

Friday night: A pox upon those who speak of it!

1) Never happened.

2) Happened.

3) Happened. (Yes, I do dishes on Friday nights)

Saturday: A day of lonliness.

1) Happened.

2) Happened. (Sorry to get rid of the sexy pants, but it was a requirement. I still have a few pairs.)

3) Happened.

4) Never happened.

Sunday: The Day of Rest. Right.

1) Happened. (I'm surprised we found that earring)

2) Never happened.

3) Happened.

4) Happened. (Several people are claiming that the omen was bunk. Had that omen been Laguz, they could expect a real outpouring of men, but as it started with Ansuz, I think I read it right.)
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