Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

So how would I read them?

Yeah, I complain pretty well, I know.

So, if I'm so good, and I can talk the talk, can I walk the walk? Can I interpret these things?

Well, I'll give it a shot:

Original question: Who is She?

Fe - cattle, wealth, posession (of a mobile kind).

Fe indicates that She is a woman of wealth (the kind of wealth will vary) and leisure. She is dependable, and certainly a leader.

Gebo - Gifts, giving

Speaks directly to the previous attribute of wealth. Read together, the poor, weak, and destitute can depend on Her. She excludes nothing in Her generosity, and She is as free with love as She is with Her wealth, and the wealth spoken of in the previous Rune may well be love.

Ehwaz - the horse, movement

She moves through several areas of life. She pays attention to the poor and the rich in an equal manner. She is reliable, strong, and the most important thing to many people.

The whole reading:

She moves through the best circles, and is generous to all. A person who knows Her wants nothing but to posess Her, yet She is selfless and cares little for the way others perceive Her. She is the first to help and the last to withdraw aid. If you aren't on your feet and running after She's touched your life, then you're doing something wrong. She expects nothing in return, but a thank you card never hurts.

So who the Hel is She?

Wouldn't you like to know. . . Wouldn't you like to know. . .

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