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Mission accomplished. I now have Lex Luthor in my posession. He's looking at me with remarkably clear blue eyes.

He doesn't come with any plastic polish (sorry exina), but he does come with his own laptop, an annual report of LuthorCorp, and a bunch of "Smallville Premium Trading Cards".

mlleelizabeth, he's all yours. Still in the packaging. Cost me $13.83.

Interestingly, he doesn't have a kung-fu grip, but rather the kind of grip that wraps itself around poles and such. . . Wait a minute! I know what mlleelizabeth would say they're good for. . .

I'm highly amused that he's "fully posable", given what plans mlleelizabeth might have for these action figures. . .

The guy said he might be able to order more for me. . .

(healing_coyote, I'm sorry I missed your IM. I was out to lunch.)
Tags: friends, mailing, smallville
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