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One helluva gay lunch . . .

Okay, here's the most amusing thing about today.

If one believes in "no coincidences", then baby, this lunch was the gayest lunch I've ever taken!

First, I got pissed at Bush, and so wrote him a letter, telling him in no uncertain terms that he's losing at least one Republican vote if he carries this whole "gay marriage amendment" to term. I should have told him it should be aborted because it was a product of incest or something. (Gay thing #1)

Anyway, as you know from my two previous entries, I was out to look for a Lex Luthor doll for lunch, because mlleelizabeth has a thing for Clex stories. (Gay thing #2)

I took the letter to the post office, and dumped it in the mailbox. Then I went inside to check the Grove PO Box. In it was a letter from Stonewall Columbus (local BGLT group), asking me to show up for a "GBLT-friendly Faith Group" interfaith forum. (Gay thing #3)

Everything in about one hour, huh? Is someone trying to tell me something? Did I miss something fun? Why so much gay stuff going on around me?

Oh, and don't forget that omen from Imbolc where it's supposed to be "raining men", which Jenni is convinced means that I get them all.

*rolls eyes*

It's crazy. . . I'm so glad I have good humour about this, and actually *like* most gay people. I'd have such a boring life if I was bigoted. *grins*

Edit: And just after I finished this entry, I got an email from my favourite gay man, Kirk, about the Desert Magic Festival (as Brian says, "the most gay-named fest in Paganism"), and trying to work some stuff out for how I get down there. *rolls eyes again* This is just marvelous *laughs*
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