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February 26th, 2004

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09:30 am - What kind of Wednesday? Huh?
So, last night was Ash Wednesday, huh? The big AW. Yeah, I'm going to call it that because I don't want to type Wednesday more than I already have.

So, last night Tina and I went to the planetarium on campus. Every few Wed. nights they do a planetarium show, followed by some hot telescope action on the roof, and Tina's always wanted to go, so we went.

And yes, the Buffett lines, "Tonight they're gonna go stargazing / try to figure out which one they're near," ran through my mind a few times last night.

Well, first let me say that the planetarium needs nicer seats. Some with head/neck support. But despite that, it was fun. We looked at 3D pictures of Mars in a slideshow afterwords (complete with glasses), which was also cool.

Then it was off to the roof, where we got out the 12" telescope and looked at a number of planets and things: Venus first, the Moon second, Mars third, Saturn fourth (Saturn was the best, because of the detail we could see: I could make out the rings very clearly), and Jupiter fifth. We also tried to see the Orion Nebula, but by then the clouds had rolled in and we couldn't even see the constellation Orion.

Well, at this time, there was a knock at the telescope door, and the guy opened it. I looked down into the darkness of the stairwell, and there were about 6 people crowding into the doorway. What first struck me was that there were two women with the *exact* same birthmark on their foreheads. It looked, in the darkness, like someone had put a quarter down in the center of their forehead and smacked it with a hammer.

Well, we were done, so we walked out past them. It was then that I realised that those "birthmarks" I'd seen weren't actually birthmarks at all, but were just poorly drawn ash crosses.

It was then that I realized that it was the big AW.

Me, I'm not giving up anything for Lent. The most important thing in my life is my religion, and I ain't giving that up, baby. I've always been amused by people who give up little things for Lent, like Chocolate or candy, but it takes *guts* to give up things like smoking or other adictions, and I'm always impressed at people who do.
Current Mood: anxiousanxious
Current Music: "She's Got You", -JB

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Date:February 26th, 2004 06:44 am (UTC)
I don't know about that, but I do know that the reason Catholics can have fish on Fridays is because one Pope had a relation (um, cousin, I think) who owned a fishing business that was going under.

Lent is also one of the reasons that there are vegetarians who eat fish. Obviously it's not "real" meat. . .
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Date:February 26th, 2004 06:47 am (UTC)
Oh, that doesn't surprise me. Hell, I'd put down money it was one of the Medicis.

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