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Oh, Ginger, wherefore art thou, Ginger?

Today, in the mail, I received an invitation to Trilium. This festival had crossed my mind on an occasion or two, and I'd thought about going, but couldn't really justify the drive time, the cost, the days off, and all that stuff.

But then I get this invite.

Normally, this isn't a big deal. It's just a piece of paper (admittedly, cleverly folded), with a snowman postage stamp and my name and the Grove's address written in distinctly female script.

I love female script, by the way.

Anyway, Normally this isn't something that would really sway my decision-making.

But about a week ago I got an email from Explore telling me that he's swinging through Columbus with rhiannon76 on their way out to Trillium and they'd like to stop for lunch or dinner or something. This tells me that I'm probably going to be missing a fun time with people I will probably like just as much in person. [strike one]

Then today comes this regular, every-day invitation, and right smack on the front of it is this sexy line:

"Cedar Lights Grove will lead Saturday Night's Main Ritual"

Now, I admit, that doesn't sound sexy. You know, in print, to most people, it'd look really, really flat.

But to me, this means "Hey, my Harem will be there!" [strike two]

And then I open it up and look inside. There are a bunch of workshops that look, at best, pretty "okay". But one catches my eye:

Healing with Ginger
Taught by Sati,
Cedar Light Grove

And all I can think of is Ginger from Gilligan's Island.

Upon further reflection, I have realized that this is probably not the type of Ginger she means, but, I mean, Christ! When my mind starts to move in that direction, there's just nothing that can stop it! [strike three, I'm out]

So, well, hell. Now what?

I suppose I need to start looking to see if I can get that Friday off, huh?

Why didn't you girls *tell* me you'd be there!?!

(satikat, you do realize that you're going to have to work Ginger from Gilligan's Island into the workshop if I come now, don't you?)
Tags: adf, amusement, festivals, friends, harem, hotties

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