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LJ Ancestry and Other Fancy Stuff

Live Journal Ancestry: Who made you get a LiveJournal? Post that person's LJ, and if this meme spreads, see, you'll eventually be able to click click click and see who your LJ grandfather, great grandmother, great great grandthing, etc, etc, is all the way back to the pioneer days.

healing_coyote was responsible for me joining LJ.


My weekend rocked. As a few of you know, one of my high school buddies was coming into town for the weekend for a wrestling tournament. So I got to hang out with him for the entire weekend, watching extremely fit men in tights grope, dry-hump, and generally squirm against each other to get on top. I'll bet all my LJ friends are *sooo* sorry they missed that, huh?

On Friday night, Tina dragged us to Outland. It was an interesting experience, to say the least. I can say that, without a doubt, had I gone a few years ago (or even one year ago), I would have hated it. A bunch of people kind of bouncing around in the dark wearing odd fetish gear. Yeah. Great.

"But I've probably grown up since then," is all I can say. I'm a lot more open. It was kinda like going to a slightly out of control Pagan festival. Except it was darker, and there weren't any workshops, and there was no ritual. So really, it wasn't like one at all.

I danced with too many women, didn't drink a thing, and saw way more Hentai than I ever imagined I'd see (it was playing over the bar). The whole "whipping" thing was actually rather disappointing in terms of volume. And, as my friend put it, "Dude, they're only whipping ugly people."

But the best part was that I knew about 10 people there, and was introduced to about half the club (including, apparently, tosk's woman) before I left at around 2 AM (after my friends decided that they would never be able to play pool, because the idiots at the table were apparently not playing in this dimension, which explains why they appeared to be playing in molassas).

But it looks like Tina wants to go back sometime, and I'm all about that.

She was, after all, damn hot.


PCtG: Eris? Eris, are You there? I wanted to say something. . .

*sound of flushing*

Eris: What do you need, Green? Sorry to take so long, I was indisposed. You haven't been waiting long, have you?

PCtG: No, not long.

Eris: I'm sorry. You just come to call so rarely that I really wasn't expecting it!

PCtG: Yeah, I should really do it more often. You have a nice place here.

Eris: Thanks! I've worked pretty hard on it. Hephestus was just here last week. He put in that new chandelier and put in a new jacuzzi. You should come up and try it! It's got mountains of bubbles right now! And the new soft lighting and sound systems are exquisite!

PCtG: I'd love to, Babe, but, well, I'm on lunch, and it would be a bit unseemly for me to come back soaking wet.

Eris: Awww! But you'd look so *cute* in your white shirt! I'll bet at least one of those office-workers has been dreaming of seeing your nipples!

PCtG: Eris, sometimes Your imagination gets a bit *too* wild for me.

Eris: I know. But I'm like that, baby.

PCtG: Anyway, I don't have a lot longer. The clock ticks, and they'll miss me if I'm not back soon.

Eris: So you said. So, what can I do for you?

PCtG: Actually, this is just me stopping by to say "Thank You".

Eris: Oh? Do you mean I did something right? Or did I miss the usual sarcasm?

PCtG: No, You did everything right.

Eris: *smiling* Yes, I know I did. You don't have to rub it in!

PCtG: Well, basically I wanted to thank You for getting rid of the issues I was having. I'm really not sure how You did it, but I know that after our last conversation it cleared up marvelously.

Eris: So you're no longer jealous?

PCtG: Not in the same way. See, I figure that one can't be jealous of what one never has in the first place. There's too much going on to be doing that, and really, when I look at my own life, it's just that much better.

Eris: Well, tell Hera, Aphrodite, and Athena that they can't be jealous of something they don't have. Blood-sucking bitches, the lot of 'em.

PCtG: Now, now, You aren't dragging me into that! You can have that can 'o worms. Me, I'll not be judging any contests between Goddesses, nor will I comment about the beauty of those three. After all, You're beauty outshines them all, babe.

Eris: Aww. I'll bet you say that to all the Goddesses!

PCtG: Nah, only the ones I believe in.

Eris: You're so sweet, in a crazy, mixed up way.

PCtG: I know. But really, You've been very helpful. Because of that, I wanted to give You this. . .

Eris: Ooh! It sparkles! That's the nicest thing anyone's gotten me in ages! And I mean that!

PCtG: Thanks. It screamed "Eris, Goddess of Strife, Discord, and Cat Herding".

Eris: Amazing how I get new titles like that. . .

PCtG: Careful, babe. You shouldn't drool. It's unbecoming a deity.

Eris: Yeah, but it *sparkles*!

PCtG: I'm glad You like it. Now, I have to get back to work.

Eris: Oh, by the way, that thing you made last night for your stick-in-the-mud patron?

PCtG: For Esus, You mean?

Eris: Yeah, Him. It's really nice. See, there's a difference between me and Him. I get all the press (I love that, don't get me wrong), but you do actual work for Him. It's sometimes like you don't put an effort into our relationship.

PCtG: You've said it Yourself, Dear. "You Discordians are a lazy bunch of good-for-nothin', long-haired-freaky-people who can't dance and don't ever do anything that takes work. I admire that." Do You want us to change?

Eris: No, but I'd like to see a little bit of effort.

PCtG: Sparkles aren't enough effort?

Eris: Well, they are really nice. And they did cost you a bit, I can tell.

PCtG: So what's the issue? I'm unclear on this.

Eris: Well, like I said: you *made* Esus his sacrifice. You put your time and effort into that. This sparklie just kind of caught your eye.

PCtG: Eris, are You looking for me to be more pro-active in our relationship?

Eris: Maybe a little.

PCtG: How about I plan something special for Wellspring?

Eris: Ooh! Like what?

PCtG: I could tell You, but then it wouldn't be a surprise.

Eris: That's no fair. You're just saying that because you have no idea what you're going to do!

PCtG: You're absolutely right.

Eris: So don't tease me!

PCtG: I learned from the best, Babe. Only the best.

Eris: Yeah, I know. And you learned pretty well. But you have a long way to go before you can match me.

PCtG: I'd never dream of trying to match a Goddess. Look where that got Arachne!

Eris: I thought you didn't believe in Athena?

PCtG: I don't, but I certainly believe in You. And I know better than to make a Goddess angry, much less a red-headed Goddess!

Eris: You know, you're a lot smarter than people give you credit for.

PCtG: Um, thanks?

Eris: You're welcome. Oh, look at the time. You're going to be late!

PCtG: And You care why?

Eris: I don't. Ta-ta!
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