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Register to Vote!

I agree with George W. Bush.

I agree that NAFTA is an excellent idea.

I agree with the war in Iraq.

I agree that minimum wage is plenty to live on.

I agree that Alaska's oil reserves should be tapped because it's integral to our national security.

I agree that women do not have the right to choose an abortion.

I agree that gay marriage should be banned by constitutional amendment.

I agree with the restriction of civil liberties if it keeps us safe from terrorists.

I agree that the economy is on the upswing.

I agree America is a better place now than it was four years ago.

I agree our country is best led with one eye on politics and one on the Bible.

I agree with tax cuts.

I agree that only abstinence should be taught in sex education.

I agree that creationism should be taught along with (or preferably in place of) evolution.

Yes, I agree with Bush.

Yes, I will vote for Bush on Nov. 2, 2004.

I am vocal. My vote will be as a scream, and it will resound through the country that day.

For all I have to say, though, I have to remember something:

The most amazing thing is, a single vote of disagreement will drown me out. At the polls, you and I are equal. If I vote for Bush and you vote for someone else, you have effectively cancelled my voice.

If you disagree with my words (or even if you agree), you need to register to vote. You need to do it today. You must not be silent. Your one voice will cancel out any other voice. *That* is the power of a single vote. That is the power of *your* vote.

Go to one of the following sites to register! In November it will be too late!

-Michael J Dangler
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