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March 17th, 2004

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09:26 am - Back it all up, baby
Last night, one of my computers died.

You know, this doesn't really bother me. I don't get worked up about things like this, especially since my secondary computer only had Diablo 2 loaded on it.

What bothers me is something simple and stupid: the loss of my Bonesnap Maul (seen right).

It's such a pretty weapon, and it's does loads of damage. But I've never used it.

You see, I found it and was saving it for a friend. He loves that particular maul, and uses it quite often with his Paladin.

Then again, I have enough magic find on that character to find another, one of these days.

Well, after I lost all the data on that computer, I opened up my other computer and beat the crap out of a bunch of cows in the Secret Cow Level with my Necro.

What have I learned from all this?

Back up your damn files, even if you don't think they're that important!

I should be backing up all my Diablo 2 characters tonight. There are some things I just don't want to lose.
Current Mood: aggravatedaggravated
Current Music: "One Particular Harbor", -JB

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