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March 19th, 2004

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06:14 pm - Pieces of Paper
I have many certificates that show I finished things. I have my high school diploma, my bachelor's degree, my Junior Leader Training certificate, my varsity letter, and my BSA Eagle Scout certificate, just to name a few.

Of all the certificates, for all I've done in my life, only one is framed. Only one is displayed on my wall.

My Dedicant Program certificate.

It sits just to the left of my altar, displayed proudly.

My completion of the DP is one of those things I'm most proud of. In a way, it verified my piety. It showed that I was really, truly dedicated to what I said I was, that the words that came from my mouth were true.

Of course, that piece of paper, pretty as it is, didn't change me. It didn't open some magical door.

It did give me an external validation that I wasn't just "making it up" or "pretending to do rituals." When I held that piece of paper in my hands for the first time, I knew I wasn't "out in the woods playing Druid." No, I was actually living it.

And that is what means the most to me.
Current Mood: accomplished
Current Music: "One Particular Harbor", -JB

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Date:March 19th, 2004 04:17 pm (UTC)
That's how I felt when I received my First Degree Adeptus from Servants of the Light in 1995. Out of all my degrees and awards, it was the one that meant the most to me - and at this point, still does. Of course, the way I have been procrastinating on the DP, just FINISHING it will be majorly rewarding. ;) But, to be honest, part of the reason I HAVEN'T done it is because of the victory of finishing the mystery school program in 1995 (that I had started working on in 1975). Perhaps I am still resting on old laurels.
Date:March 20th, 2004 10:24 pm (UTC)
I understand where you're coming from. I feel the same way about my high school diploma, 'cause I worked hard to get through it.

I can see myself feeling similarly once I complete my dedicant's program ... I won't be telling anyone in my family about all of this until after I've finished. I want to be able to show them my dedication.

Oh, on a related (but not much) note, I haven't gotten a copy of Oak Leaves yet. It says on my profile-thingy that I should have recieved one by now. Thoughts?
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Date:March 20th, 2004 11:30 pm (UTC)
Word has it, Oak Leaves is at the printer and should be going out either this week, or early next. I'd look for it this week. Will let you know when I get mine.

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