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A quiz, a bunch of haikus, and a game:

From icemagick:

You are Sanguine - The ancient Greeks
believed this was caused by having too much
Strengths: You are enthusiastic, talkative, expressive,
and friendly.
Weaknesses: You can be undisciplined, distractable, and
have a tendency to exaggerate.
At your best: You are an energetic spokesperson.
At your worst: You can be an egotistical entertainer.
You measure your own value by: Applause
For personal growth, you should focus
For others to relate well to you, they
should be:
Others should support your: Ideas
If someone wants you to make a decision,
they should give:

What Ancient Greek Personality Type Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

From bohemianeditor
LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:chronarchy
Your haiku:is best led with one
eye on politics and one
hell of a problem
Created by Grahame

dp reading list then
it's ready for upload as
soon as it is so

don't pretend to be
boring pieces of paper in
my discordian name

sexist or is that
sexist or is that sexist
or is that just cuz

maul seen right. it's such
a pretty weapon and it
does loads of damage

as an aside you
were a different story
though i drew two in

hop on pop what fun
that was wishesofastar
the old man had eyes

it's not green at all
hook-ups are practically
non-existant there

you?from the fecund
loins of rum and monkey you
are the names i think

wood nymphs and real old
western gunslingers in porn
also amuses me

worst most angst-ridden
crap ever to be blind to
whatever it is

a contest to have
made the choice i did nothing
ventured nothing

trust me my life isn't
all skittles and beer no matter
what i said i love

went to buy ritual
supplies i tried to stop at what
i was groping for

death collapsing on
the chest and often strife of
the leg work before

for that chic i cried
last night lying in bed thinking
i thought about names

thier knees if that suits
you is in its
own way like flogging

You should also play this: The Urinal Game
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