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Goin' to Kansas City, Kansas City here I come. . .

I have a general itinerary for Kansas City. Here it is:

Friday, May 21: Fly in. Land at KC Airport (MCI) at 9:20 AM, hopefully greated by copius amounts of boobies in the terminal? The last part isn't required (and could get people arrested), but it'd definitely be amusing.

Friday, May 21: be back at Airport before 6:25 PM to meet my mother and my brother. I don't think my brother would mind being met with copius amounts of boobies, but my mother might be slightly less appreciative.

Sunday, May 23: Drive into KC from the west. Perhaps meet for dinner somewhere along I-70 in Kansas, or else somewhere near the airport? Time: I dunno yet, probably around 3:30 PM.

Sunday, May 23: Depart KC airport (MCI) at 7:30 PM. I would need to be there by 6 PM at the latest (not checking bags, not carrying weapons, but shit happens), so where we meet will change how long we have to sit and BS before I need to high-tail it out.
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