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Weird political junk

Bob Barr opposed to a constitutional amendment against gay marriage? Wtf?

That rocks :)

In case you've forgotten, Bob Barr was the guy who wanted witchcraft outlawed in the military a few years ago when the whole Ft. Hood thing blew up.

But here's a very interesting tidbit:

Clinton signed the Defense of Marriage Act. Never liked that bastard. I'm starting to wonder if he started this?

For all I keep up on politics now, I didn't in 1996. Of course, back then I couldn't vote anyway. Had I been up to date, though, I wonder if I would have written my congresspeople back then? Probably not.

See, I met my first gay person in 1997. Well, my first openly gay person. I was always pretty open and accomodating (joining both the College Republicans and the College Democrats within 10 minutes of each other at the first Student Involvement Fair), and was interested in working with BiGaLA (or whatever it was called back then, I think it's called Fusion now? They change their name every month, so small wonder they've never really been taken as seriously as they should be), though they apparently weren't interested in me. This is probably for the best, since I started working with the Pagan Student Association pretty quickly (who also never contacted me back after my initial inqiries [I'm looking at autumnfey here] but who I still managed to attend the first meeting of [and here I thank wishesofastar]).

I once (before college) asked my father about gays in the military, and he said that boot camp was full of situations where gay men simply should not be allowed. I presume that he meant that the idea of boot camp is to break you down and rebuild you into a team, and how could you do that if you were constantly worried about the guy next to you in the shower? In his defense (a bit, but not really), he also believes that men and women shouldn't train together in boot camp, i.e. the way the Marines have it. He has no problem with any person dying on the front lines for their country, man or woman, gay or straight, but it's basic training he seems to have issues with. I don't think it's really homophobia, I think it's mostly just the ideals of service he was given as a volunteer Marine who knew he was preparing for war in Vietnam.

Yeah, this probably affected me a bit. I don't really remember what I thought about it, but whatever it was, I doubt I think that way now.

I was raised to always stay middle of the road in things. Don't become outspoken for any cause, don't open cans of worms that you can't close. Play it safe, get a good education, and get ahead in life. Is that too much to ask? Well, sometimes it is. There are times that we need to raise our voices, for when the bickering and arguing reaches a loud roar, only a clear, proud voice can make your opinion heard.

So I'm going to ask you folks: Are you registered to vote? Have you written your congresspeople? If not, you need to do that. November is only a few short months away, and the clearest way to speak your mind is to cast a single, quiet vote.

And remember, I really don't care how you vote. Your vote is yours, and you'll make the decisions. But you must vote.
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