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April Fools Day has been kind of interesting throughout time. Well, my time, at least:

In grade school, April Fool's jokes consisted of:

"Your shoe's untied."
"April Fools!"

In high school, I remember only one April Fool's joke. At that time they were bigger and better:

The Taco Liberty Bell

I still think that this particular joke was one of the best ever done.

For the past two years, I've been checking Fark.Com religiously on April Fools Day, because if a good joke shows up, they hit it (if you forgive the pun).

But here's something that I find disturbing: Pagan April Fools Day Jokes.

You know what, we all expect it. It's never well done, and it shows a serious disrespect for another religion. Yep, you know what I'm talking about:

"I've seen the light, I'm saved!"
"Dude that wasn't funny last year."
"Ha! April Fools!"

I mean, geez. Can we do something else? Anything else? Maybe make a joke about how runes are a development of the Nazis, and we have proof? Or maybe that a new artifact has been found that proves that the ancients worshipped a form of the Christian devil?

But "I converted" simply isn't funny. It's like "Oh, look, we all look down on this religion, so why don't I pretend to now be part of this religion and get a reaction!"

Isn't that why we hate fluffy bunnies?

So freaking give it a rest.
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