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Chaos working III

Part II


I stopped, unsure what to do. Instead of think, I listened.

I heard singing to my left.

I climbed a tree near me, hiding in its foliage. Whatever was coming was larger than me, though the voice was melodious and feminine. I waited for the creature to show itself.

Through the trees stepped a young woman. Her eyes shown with the light of the skies, and her step was light. She would have been beautiful, but for one thing: she was a giant, and eight times my own height.

Her song was lovely though. It was about something I knew, but could not place. What could it be?

The giantess sat down near my tree, and placed her basket under it. She continued singing, and the story in the song opened in my mind like a book.

"There once was a child
Who knew the right steps
A man he beguiled
who knew magic's depths

Pair of boots he stole
That helped him travel
To quickly reach goals
And monsters baffle.

Snitched boots always he
Wore them on his legs
They were verily
Boots of Seven Leagues!"

It was then I knew what she sang of. Seven League Boots would find me atop the mountain soon. If she knew of them, I would be well-advised to follow her.

I looked at her legs, long and shapely. Even at a stroll, there was no way to keep up.

I looked at her apron, but knew she would feel me cling to her.

I looked at her hair, and though it was long and flowing, I feared she would use a comb on it before I could remove myself.

It was the basket I settled on. In it were blackberries. Hundreds of them - no, millions. Though she was a giant, these berries were of a more normal size. Above the berries was a cloth that kept her sleeves from dragging in the berries and staining.

I quietly slid down the tree, and stepped into the basket. I rolled over the berries, and pulled the cloth over me. There I lay, expecting her to pick the basket up.

I lay in the berries for perhaps an hour before I fell asleep. Her songs and beautiful voice enchanted me, and I drifted off slowly, listening to her songs of treasures and brave princes.

I awoke for a moment when the basket moved, but I did not stir. I had been sleeping for hours, for the sky was now dark, and stars twinkled in the heavens above. I looked to the crescent moon, and he winked his conspiratorial wink, assuring me that he would not give my secret to the giantess who was now bounding over the fields with me.

To be continued. . .


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