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Chaos working VI

Part V


I started with the easy ones. I pulled names from fiction and fantasy, and particularly from fairy tales. I listed them from childhood stories and recent relationships. I agonized over spellings and variations, and even wrote names in Sanskrit for her to judge. No name ever fit her, and no name matched.

Finally, just as I reached the few Japanese characters I knew, she cried out in frustration. "Oh, it's no use. I want to just tell you, and I want you to remember! I know you know it, you just haven't thought of it yet! And until you do, I can't leave!" She hid her head in her hands and began to sob.

I hated to see this. "Lady, you shouldn't cry. I'll get it soon. It could be the next thing I guess! How about 'Lamashtu'? Or 'Dido'?"

"No! Neither of those is right! Do I look like them? Look into your heart! See me with the eyes you never open!" She threw her face back into her hands.

I didn't know what to do, but I knew that guessing again would be a mistake. She seemed to think that I knew her name from somewhere, and I should be able to draw it out from my soul. What did she mean? I didn't remember ever seeing her before, and I didn't know who she could be.

I sat quietly, watching her shoulders shake as she sobbed. I felt too small to comfort her, too tiny to make a difference for her. She was beautiful, though, despite her giant size. I stood and stepped toward her, intending comfort. In doing so, I tripped on my own two feet.

Suddenly, something about her seemed familiar, though I couldn't place what it was.

Nothing had changed, and she still sobbed. Her shoulders were bent forward, her face in her hands. Wait, her hands?

Peeking out between her hands was a tear-drop. A single, solitary drop slid down to the back of her hand, and detached itself. It fell free, slower than I thought it should, and there it landed, splashing in the light of the setting sun, a million golden drops exploding from the impact.


I knew the beautiful creature in front of me.

To be continued. . .


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