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Chaos working IX



Slowly, Eris pulled away, and I opened my eyes as She did. She giggled at me, for a moment looking almost like a child who had just passed a note to a cute boy on a dare. Her smile brought me back, though, and I knew that this was the Goddess I worshipped.

Suddenly, I noticed that we were no longer in the kitchen by the window. We were now outside, in the same clearing where I had met Eris the day before. The sun was now high overhead, so I had a good amount of time left to walk that day, and the mountain (with its eye now shut) was in the distance. I wasn't completely sure if time had reset itself, or if I had been locked in Her embrace for sixteen hours, but I knew it didn't matter. Lying on the grass to my right was the axe she had given me a moment before, and on my left was a pair of old, worn boots.

"What's this?" I asked, puzzled at the boots.

"Those are the Boots of Seven Leagues you had your eyes on," She answered, still smiling.

"But they're my size now! How did that happen?"

"Green, sometimes you're such a silly child. Didn't your mother read you fairy tales as a kid? There's only one pair of Seven League Boots, but they change size to fit the wearer. You could have put on the big boots just fine, whether you were Father's height or the height of Tom Thumb. See, you shouldn't give up so easily." Her smile was brighter now.

"So I can take them? It's okay?"

"Of course it's okay. You wouldn't have them if it wasn't!" She giggled. "Now, if you excuse me, I have to go tell Father that our kitchen has a cockroach problem, and that one made off with his boots!"

And with that, She was gone.

I set about the work of putting on the boots and strapping the axe to my back. I wondered for a while about why I had an axe, and who had given it to me, but I would never look a gift axe in the bit. I was sure I would need it sometime down the road.

Taking a deep breath, I turned down the road. I wasn't sure how the Seven League Boots worked, but I figured that the best way to figure it out was to try it. I only hoped that there wasn't a river twenty-one miles from where I now stood.

I lifted my right foot, holding it in the air for a moment, and then shifted my weight forward.

To be continued. . .


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